Earn Ethereum by spreading the word about IOTPOWER

Earn 20% ETH of every transactions from users you referred to invest in IOTPOWER. We create a custom trackable link with your Ethereum address and transfer automatically your revenue after each purchases.


How does that work?

When someone clicks on your custom link we create a cookie with your Ethereum address. For every purchases made on IOTPOWER, we check if an affiliate cookie exists and if there is one, our smart contract automatically transfer 20% of the amount paid to the affiliate address.

For example, if one of your referral imvest for 1 ETH we automatically send 0.1 ETH to your Ethereum address as soon as the payment is confirmed on the blockchain. This is handled directly by our smart contract.


How can I spread the word?

Are you active on some cryptocurrencies Facebook groups, have large Linkedin friends contacts, or you are popular on Ethereum forums? There are multiple channels you can use to share IOTPOWER to a large amount of people, be creative! But please don’t spam, this would hurt both of us.